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Violation of the following rules can result in immediate ejection without warning from the game or the field of play.

1. No one except a player on the field of play or a team head coach, or acting head coach in his absence, may properly address the umpire(s) during a game to clarify the status of the game (i.e. ball/strike count, outs) or to sound an alert (batting order, injuries, timeouts, safety issues, emergencies, etc.)  No one may question or argue ball/strike calls in any circumstance.

2. No one is allowed to raise his or her voice to a coach, umpire, opposing spectator or player any time or in any circumstance. No yelling, screaming, loud, insolent, caustic, harassing, intimidating or other questioning comments or remarks may be directed to the coaches, umpires, other spectators or to the players on the field, in such a way which tends to disparage, question and/or undermine the umpire(s) or their judgment, directly or indirectly. Anyone one properly addressing a coach, umpire or player, must do so in a respectful, conversational, low and even tone of voice.

3. No one may dispute a call by the umpire during or after a game. Conference/Protest Exception:  After an out call on the field or the bases (as opposed to a ball or strike call at the plate), a team head coach, or assistant coach in his or her absence, may call time, and request a conference at home plate with the umpire(s) on the field of play.  The home plate umpire has discretion whether to agree to a conference.  If the home plate umpire agrees, the head coach may address the umpire who made the subject call in a respectful, conversational, low and even tone of voice and obtain an explanation for the umpire’s call. If the head coach disagrees with the umpire’s call and explanation, he or she may only say so and the head coach may also lodge a protest of the call with the umpires if the call is believed to determine the outcome of the game. If the umpire refuses a conference, there shall be no conference. If the umpire refuses a conference, and the head coach wishes to lodge a protest of the umpire’s call, he or she must notify the umpire and the opposing head coach immediately following the game, and the UPYBA Board within 24 hours.

4. No one may possess alcohol, tobacco or narcotic drugs, in all forms, anywhere on the grounds of Kistler-Biting Park.

5. Failure to follow these rules and guidances will result in immediate ejection from the playing field and further disciplinary action if the infraction is a repeat offense or deemed severe.


After UPYBA: Upper Perk Kiwanis Baseball

Are you 13 to 15 years old and want to continue playing baseball after UPYBA? The Upper Perk Kiwanis Club sponsors teams for 13-15 year old residents of the Upper Perkiomen School District. See the UP Kiwanis Baseball website for more information.
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